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Radiant Barrier shiethingRadiant Barrier Plywood: Radiant Barrier Plywood is conventional roof sheathing with a thin layer of aluminum on one side, which reflects up to 97% of the sun's radiant heat. This reduces your attic temperature by as much as 50%. This means reducing the load on your HVAC equipment and maintaining indoor comfort while lowering cooling cost. Visit for more information.


C:\Users\Southeastern Custom\Dropbox\seCustomHomes\Website\Website Photos\Evironmentally Friendly\Spray Foam #4.jpgSpray Foam Insulation: We prefer to use a spray foam insulation which, exceeds regular code requirements and provides greater energy conservation. This insulation is applied as a liquid and expands to a point of 120 times its original volume to fill all voids. This product not only accounts for amazing energy conservation but, it also improves the air quality by not allowing air flow through the walls. Spray foam insulation is a non-toxic material that also dampens noise and reduces dust in the air for anyone who suffers from respiratory issues. Visit and for more information. Tankless Water Heaters only heat water when the water is needed, unlike traditional tank water heaters that heat water throughout the day regardless of use. These tankless water heaters have a much longer life than the 2-10 years of the conventional water heaters. Tankless water heaters maintain efficiency between 80-98% and the lifespan is 20 years or more. Water heating is a third of the energy use in an average home so, having an efficient water heater is very important. Visit for more information.


Insulated Concrete FoamInsulating Concrete Forms: Building with Insulating Concrete Forms is a great choice for energy efficiency in many ways. When framing a house in ICF wood is not being used. The insulating value of an ICF home is far greater than any traditional home, due to the two layers of foam and the concrete. Because of the high insulating value smaller HVAC units can be installed and  save 50-80% on heating and cooling cost. An ICF built home is ideal against the effects of the elements on a home. ICF homes are solid, lasting construction that resists the ravages of fire, wind, and Father Time. Visit for more information.


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Natural Rot-Resistant Wood, Ipe and Garapa:
Garapa and Ipe are tropical hardwoods that are used for decks and outdoor spaces. These are naturally rot-resistant and make a beautiful choice over treated wood decking which involves using toxic chemicals in the treating process.






windowInsulated, Low-E, and Argon-filled windows: Choosing the right window for your home is very important when it comes to energy conservation. An insulated, Low-E or Argon-filled window is a great way to save on energy usage when heating and cooling your home. Not only is the proper window key but, using bituminous membrane flashing during installation seals the window to be weather tight. Visit Ply Gem Windows for more information.

High Efficient HVAC equipment: We use Trane HVAC equipment. This is high efficiency equipment and is easily maintained at the correct level to keep energy cost low. We also use programmable thermostats to allow the units to run at a desired time to conserve energy. Visit the Trane website for more information.

Promote Fluorescent lighting: It is said that if each household were to use just one energy efficient light bulb in there house it would cut energy cost by $600 million dollars annually. We encourage energy star products, fluorescent lighting, and dimmers. These are energy conserving products and also offer a longer warranty. Visit the Energy Star website for more information.

efficient lighting100% Acrylic and/or Low VOC paints: We use 100% Acrylic and Low VOC paints to minimize pollution. On the exterior, 100% Acrylic paint is used due to possible over spray, spillage, and cleaning of tools. Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints are used on the interior to keep the indoor air quality at its best. These paints are durable, cost-effective, and less harmful to human and environmental health. Visit for more information.




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